Sunday, May 20, 2012

Catching You Up

It's been a couple LONG months since I have blogged and I've been dying to get back on the blog train! I'm gonna catch you guys up on a couple new things going on in my life right. First of all I am beyond glad that Spring semester is OVER.  It was the most stressed semester I have ever had in my entire college life, but thats over and done with. Anywho now that the sun is steaming hot and the beach is looking its best, I wont be able to enjoy it. My summer is so busy but I love it! I came back home for 2 weeks to shadow a doctor and its the best thing I have done all summer. I love it because I get to see the patients progressing and it feels amazing. I go back to San Antonio next week and I hope to do a STREET STYLE POST while I'm there because I mean if you haven't been to San Antonio your missing out on the amazing-ness that is downtown SA.  On top of everything I am taking summer classes! So I am hoping to make this summer a bit fun before Fall because once that comes around I will be dead with the classes I am taking. So thats what I have been up to lately, catch you guys on the flip side!

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