Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Texas Medical Association Rally

If you guys don't know yet, I am a pre-med major at my university. So I am not just interested in fashion and music, I am actually a huge nerd when it comes to medicine and science. So today I wanted to bring you something different than what I usually post, and I might start doing these frequently, a health post.

In medical news,the Texas Medical Association held a rally yesterday afternoon in Mcallen,Texas to reverse state cuts in Medicare-Medicaid funding. Basically, there are budget cuts that are coming into effect for physicians' medicare-medicaid patients. Most of the physicians patients in the Rio Grande Valley are medicare-medicaid based so that means that the physicians would have less patients (less income) and they would have to close their doors to many of their patients, some even long-time patients. Alone, in the RGV 75-80% of the physicians patients are medicare-medicaid based being a dramatic difference than other cities in Texas such as Dallas where the percentage is down to 15-20%. Just in the last years budget cuts the physicians in the RGV are getting 20% less income. I am glad to see that not only are the patients taking stand for their rights to continue to see the physicians they have always been with but as well as the physicians fighting for their patients.

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