Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm On A Boat

Not literally. I am stuck at school but spiritually I am on a yacht somewhere in the island of Capri.  This Wally 73 yacht is amazing the design and texture of it is beyond flawless. The living space and kitchen accommodations are even much more appealing than some of the most expensive houses I have ever seen. The inside of this yacht is designed by Stefano Pastrovich who I must give props to for this sleek, exquisite modern design.  Spring break is coming up and imagine laying out on some island with this yacht, I can feel the sun rays already. The price isn't up on the website so I am sure its more than likely a pretty penny. So, until then I will lay out on a rowboat on some dirty beach until I become a physician and can afford this lol.
check out more photos of this amazing yacht at

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