Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Late Night Music + Art

A quick late night post for all my nocturnal readers. Here is a little cure for your insomnia.

I started listening to a new band called Mayberry. These guys are in the process of recording their first album and I have to say I like their sound. If you guys are into music by Paramore, Boys Like Girls, and things of that nature I am sure you'll love these guys. Not to mention they are from my hometown Edinburg! Go ahead and might end up pressing repeat several times.

Mayberry: twitter, youtube, tumblr, facebook

If you follow me on twitter then you must have seen how my Jansport backpack got cheated hearts were broken in this process.

Jonni Cheatwood
Born in California, this artist has a wide aspect of imagination for his art work. It is very abstract, bold, and unique. I love his work because unlike most artist he works with letters, symbols, shapes, lines, and numbers. Check out some of his work.

My jansport by Jonni Cheatwood
cheat on TOMS
Some of my faves:
No.15 of Movement_2
Equinoctial: (The Metamorphose)
Lydianne of Movement_1

Jonni Cheatwood: twitter

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  1. lvoe it:) so creative


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