Thursday, November 3, 2011


So, if you follow me on twitter then you probably know that I recently went to India! I was there for a whole week and 3 days, it was such an amazing experience.

India is totally different from the United States. Honestly I felt so blessed for everything I have (which isn't very much). I loved the feeling of being so disconnected from the world there, since there was no internet and my phone had no service. What I enjoyed the most out of all the sight seeing we did was the fact that the people there are so happy, even though they don't have much to their name.  When we were stopped at the red light on the streets so many people would come up to our car and ask for money, but these people still kept a smile on their face even when no one would give them any.

I have so much respect for these people, especially the ones in poverty because they work so hard and I am pretty sure they do not get much money for it but yet they are still so happy. When here in the United States most people are not even thankful for what they have and even if you are not a millionaire in the United States, you are still very well off compared to the people in India. So I hope this gave you a little food for thought and makes you think how lucky we all really are. If I had enough money I would pay for everyone in the United States to visit India so they can realize how blessed we really are.

PS: one creepy thing about India. When we stayed at a hotel for one day, our room had a see thru shower! You could see someone showering thru the bedroom, if you raised the shower curtain.
Riding elephants up The Amber Fort. Jaipur, India.

My mom and I's Mehndi.

Indian band before a wedding ceremony.
woke up at 4:30am to catch this view at sunrise; edited by me.

Getting my Mehndi done.
edited by me

 I also took some video of my trip, but since I don't have my old laptop the editing on this one sucks. So I'll just post one video of my trip and then my friend Victoria posted a little haul video of things I brought her (SHE LOVES INDIA!). So check them out, subscribe, and comment!

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